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Category: Coping Skills

Share Your Story

We love to hear from our readers, especially those with an encouraging story. Have you found a practical way of coping with low vision that improved your quality of life? What activities bring you joy in spite of the many…

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Coping with Fear and Depression

It is normal for a patient to experience a number of emotions when faced with the possibility of an eye disease. The thought of blindness brings despair and depression. The enemy behind most of these negative emotions, however, is fear!…

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Facing the Future Successfully with Low Vision

A recent study showed the challenges that come with AMD, whether dry or wet, can have an impact on the general health of patients over time, compared to their counterparts without the disease. The fear of going blind often brings…

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Recognizing Faces

Humorous Faces of Monkeys at Zoo

These tips for recognizing human faces won’t work at the zoo, but they should help people with low vision in challenging social settings: Written by: Joseph L. Fontinot MD, CLVTMedical Dir: Community Services for Vision RehabilitationMobile, Alabama I’m sorry, who are…

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