Support Groups

Support is something we all need at one time or another. Human beings are social by nature and socialization is necessary for good mental health.

Likewise, trying to keep a problem locked within ourselves is difficult. It is much easier and healthier to “get it out” by talking with others, especially if they have been through the same experience. It may also result in gaining information that will furnish solutions and relieve fears.

Support groups are people who meet face-to-face, by telephone or on-line to share experiences, discuss common problems and seek solutions. Support groups have helped many work their way through the challenges of living with AMD. They are usually free, meet at convenient times, and welcome new members.

What group is best for me? The support group best for you depends on your preferences. Some prefer simple, one-on-one conversations. Others enjoy interacting with a group. If you are computer literate, “Skype”, “Zoom” and “Chat Rooms” may be for you.

Where do I find a support group? First, ask your eye specialist if they know of a group in your town. Second, you may call our Resource Director, Mr. Dan Roberts at 1-816-588-7747. For a complete list of local, state, national and international low vision resources, you may visit .

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