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Your search ends here. Our mission is to collect reliable information related to macular disease and share that information in a timely way. This includes advancements in medical research, prospective treatments, and practical suggestions for coping with the challenges of low vision. Our services are free and supported entirely by donations from those who appreciate our efforts.


MACULAR NEWS is our “open-access”, video-based website dedicated to cutting-edge research. Since 2013, the Foundation has received cooperation from some of the most prestigious medical organizations and access to leading research scientists in the field of Ophthalmology. The Foundation is privileged to interview these scientists, produce exclusive videos, and provide a platform from which they may present their findings for your review. Use for the “Follow” box on to receive notifications when new videos are first added.


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“The Magnifier” is the Foundation’s free 8-page newsletter (Sample Issue). In addition to timely news, it focuses on practical ways of coping with low vision offered by individuals and healthcare professionals familiar with the challenges. It is produced three times a year and made available online as both a resizeable PDF file and via streaming audio. You may access archived issues and subscribe to receive new issues by email on the website using this direct link.

Note: Persons with a need and organizations who would like to distribute the Magnifier to their own readers may request printed copies.


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MD Support is a world-wide non-profit public service organization founded by retired educator Dan Roberts. Its mission since 1995 has been to provide information and support for people who are affected by macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases.