A Few Practical Tips

A few easy adjustments to the living areas of a person with low vision can improve visibility and reduce the risk of an injury. Dr. Stewart Shofner of Nashville, TN shares with us 5 practical tips to assist those with low vision.


Make sure their home is well lit and bright with additional lamps or task lighting. Light switches that are sprayed with “glow paint” show up in the dark providing an extra measure of protection and convenience. Outdoor walkways, kitchen, bathroom and work areas all should be fully and evenly illuminated. Have flashlights nearby in case the power goes out.


Mark stairs or slopes with brightly colored tape. Bright colors that contrast with the flooring work best. Handrails are imperative, even if only for a couple of steps.


Remove unnecessary household clutter and be sure floors are clear and safe. Offer to help with organizing important items and packing up others to ensure items used daily are easily accessible.

Emergency Numbers

Create a list of important phone numbers in large print on bold-lined paper and program automatic dialing options if available. Include emergency contacts, doctors, family, and closest neighbor’s information near each phone and in the console or above the visor in every vehicle.


Suggest purchasing a large-screen television that produces high-contrast images. Ensure furniture is placed closer to the TV if upgrading is not in the budget.

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