Go Go Grandparent

by Joe Fontenot MD, CLV, Peyton Clarkson

Go Go Grandparent was started 3 years ago to offer ride-sharing opportunities to those without smart phones and necessary apps. It is available wherever Uber or Lyft is operating.

This means that instead of contacting Uber or Lyft yourself, you call Go Go Grandparent with a regular phone and they make all the arrangements for you. This includes, arrival time and notifying the driver of any special needs or disabilities.

The company says that it only selects drivers with a 4.9 or greater rating with Uber or Lyft. The cost of Go Go Grandparent is 27 cents per minute of transportation time. This is in addition to the basic fare charged by Uber or Lyft, which depends on location, time of day, availability and other factors. On several recent rides using Go Go Grandparent with Uber, the added cost was slightly more than 20% of the total cost. Tipping is by cash at the discretion of the client.

You may join this company with no contract or commitment on their website or by calling 855-464-6872. A credit card is required.