I Renewed My License … But is it Safe to Drive?

by Dan Roberts

This Month the DMV renewed my license for another four years. I passed their very basic eye exam, so they decided that my vision was good enough to allow me to take the wheel.

But wait! They didn’t ask about my retinal disease which could take away my remaining functional vision before my next renewal. Nor did they ask about my poor night vision, serious problems with glare, and low contrast sensitivity. And they didn’t ask about the times I’ve had close calls due to blind spots in my visual field.

Nope, they decided I could safely negotiate the highways with drunks, druggies, neurotics, and sleep-deprived drivers all speeding less than ten feet apart on the way to places they just have to be, no matter what the cost. Do they really want to add me to that mix?

So I have decided to continue being one less impaired driver. My shiny new license will remain safely tucked away behind my Medicare and AARP membership cards. It was a tough decision, but someone had to make it. I appreciate the DMV’s trust in me, but now the only way I’m going to meet others on the road is as that guy waving at them from the passenger seat.