Benefits of Aspirin Outweigh Risks in AMD Patients

Recent press releases regarding the potential adverse effects of aspirin on macular degeneration have caused patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) to discontinue their aspirin use without consulting their physician. This study weighed the benefits that aspirin provides for patients’ cardiovascular health compared to the risk of AMD worsening.

After reviewing nine cardiovascular and ten ophthalmological studies and analyzing the risks/benefits of aspirin use, researchers found that the small and still unconfirmed added risk of AMD is far outweighed by the solid benefits of cardioprotective aspirin. Patients who are taking aspirin for cardiovascular health, therefore, should not fear the possible, theoretical and exaggerated risks of exacerbating their AMD.

ARVO Posterboard #: B0333
Study Abstract Number: 3200 – B0333
Author: Christine Garabetian, et al