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The Macular Degeneration Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, wishes to thank all who support our efforts to serve the low-vision community.

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After more than 30 years, with the help of online donations and generous contributions from individuals and family estates, we continue to accomplish our mission to:

1) Identify and advance promising medical research by supporting prestigious organizations such as the Moran Eye Research Center in Salt Lake City; John Hopkins University in Baltimore; Harvard University in Boston; the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology in Detroit and many other smaller, but important community organizations throughout the United States.

2) Serve the practical needs of individuals with suggestions from others coping with the challenges of low vision.

3) Keep busy physicians and their patients aware of advances in medical research, technologies and treatments for diseases of the macula. To accomplish this vital service we personally interview the foremost research scientists and publish these exclusive video’s several times a year.

4) In addition to maintaining our website, Eyesight.org, we publish a free newsletter called The MAGNIFIER that has kept the growing low-vision community fully informed for the last 30 years.

All these vital activities and a dedicated Research Fund are supported with private donations. If you would like to make a gift, please click here. You will be given the opportunity to donate in the name of another (“in honor of” or “in memorial”).

Charitable Planning

A reader from New York recently asked an important question: “How do I include The Macular Degeneration Foundation in my Estate Planning?” She also wanted to make sure the money would go only for research.

First of all, your attorney will need the Foundation’s FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), our address and our telephone number. Second, the statement “To be used for Research” should be included. We are one of the few organizations with a separate, dedicated account for research. 100% of these bequests are used to fund our research grants.

Please call 888-633-3937 and we will provide everything you need to include the Macular Degeneration Foundation in you Charitable and Estate Planning.

Thank You

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