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Grant Application


Name of Principal Investigator:

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Description of the Project:

Geographic Area This Project Will Affect:

Project Start Date:

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The Foundation carefully considers all eligible applications to determine whether a project fits its current program interests and funding principles.

The primary contact for the project is encouraged to submit preliminary details of the proposed project using this form.

Applicants should be aware that for the purposes of assessment their proposal may be sent to our academic and scientific advisors. This is done on a confidential
basis. Staff or scientific advisors may call for additional details.

The Foundation will notify applicants once an application is received.

Current Areas of Focused Funding Include:

1. Novel approaches to inhibition of drusen accumulation via a broad range of modalities and interventions.

2. Stem cell therapy: we seek to fund work that includes the use of specific markers of RPE function to measure functional impact.

3. Low vision augmentation: exploration of techniques and technologies that offer incremental but appreciable benefit.

Funding Principles

The Foundation will choose research based upon its scientific merit, achievability and potential real world applicability. It is therefore focused on those projects that are closer to clinical utility. Notwithstanding the focus outlined above, original projects outside of the key areas may also be considered on a case by case basis.

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